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Jamie’s Italian – Singapore

  • Client: Italian - Vivocity
  • Category: Cafe & Restaurants
  • Status: Done
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  • Date: 09/12/2017

Jamie’s Italian – Singapore

No Italian dish will turn out right without authentic Italian checfs and ingredients, just as no dining experience is ever complete without hte right accompanying decor in bringing out the real character and flavor.

With this in mind, we embarked on the mission with a bag of fresh design ideas as we attempt to hit the right note of ambience. We figured that a bright, cheery and vibrant setting helps bring out the singature spirit and put diners in the right mood.

A chic. contemporary style was chosen, as bright flamboyant colours cleverly contrasted unassuming light wooden designer chairs. Chunky mugs, spice jars and chalkbard recipes also adorn the kitchen walls.

Together with high ceilings, unexpected chandeliers and moustached Italian Chefs in their unmistakeable accent, the whole restaurant sprang to life – as guests and staff mingled in an unprententious setting, in between great pastas and free flow of conversations.

Like good team players, the ‘rebe’ design elements white brimming with theor own individiality; yet bow in allegiance to the overall design scheme to exude pure, unadulterated and elusive charm.

Adding to an impressive repertoire of some of the finest hotels, restaurants and fine establishments from around the world- whose success we have proudly helped shaped over the years.