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Residence – Singapore

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Residence – Singapore

Tropical delight meets modern finishing.

Homeowners can also enjoy the same professional finishing and workmanship that Niche extends to all its clientele from our award winning hotels, office spaces and retail outlets. We often built custom furniture, light fixtures, rugs, tableware and other special artifacts that further enrich and augment the overall house design.

In this undisclosed modern residential living space located in a serene neighborhood lies an exclusive residential retreat that blends tropical highlights with modern finishing. A sky roof allows light to grace the main walkway, welcoming guests and highlighting its artworks. The living room’s design is functional and serves as an excellent setting for entertaining guests and unwinding at the end of the day. Its creative use of space and exquisite materials give a chic yet welcoming experience.
A masterpiece of a master bedroom features liberal use of onyx tiles and deep exotic chandeliers. The adjacent study and children rooms, though less elaborate, still maintain the splendid detail in creative use of space, light and materials to create a truly functional and harmonious living space.