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Royal Selangor – Singapore

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Royal Selangor – Singapore

One of the world’s most established brand names in luxury pewter ware.

Pewter, an alloy combining tin, copper and antimony, is a specialty of Southeast Asia – commonly made into decorative and functional objects, with a fine attention to detail. One name stands out in the pewter industry – Royal Selangor.

Royal Selangor is one of Niche Interior’s long standing clients. Founded in 1885, the company is now one of the world’s most established brand names in luxury pewter ware. One of the reasons for Royal Selangor’s success in the gift and tableware market is its commitment to innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship.

That same commitment towards perfection has to be reflected in its retail outlets. Niche Interior had the enviable task of creating a distinctive retail front for Royal Selangor in Singapore. To date, Niche Interior has headed the development of 2 retail outlets in Singapore, including its main office in Clark Quay.

In the spirit of innovation, Royal Selangor created a Pewter Museum in its Singapore’s head office at Clark Quay. At the Royal Selangor Pewter Museum, tourists are treated to a private collection of 75 items ranging from tobacco boxes, oil lamps, and intricate Chinese lanterns with lotus motifs to century-old pewter-making tools. The museum also features daily demonstrations of traditional pewter processes.